Creations and innovations


The straw, natural matter reflects light in changing tones. Visual effects that industrial techniques are not capable of reproducing. A straw marquetry worked in volume multiply its optical effects and moiré colors, while playing more on the straw senses, the reliefs are born in the heart of the motifs. And it is in this spirit that Valerie develops a whole work around the embossing and the movement thus opening a new look at the possibilities of use of straw and of course, on the material itself !


2017 Presentation of a screen/sculpture Vague-Pop, with a face of straw marquetry embossed

2016 Prototyping and embossing test, creations sculptures : stone and strawmarquetry

2015 First piece Haute-Couture: bustier composed of 700 scales of straw marquetry embossed and sewn

First creations on leather, all the flexibility of the material is respected

2012 Creation of a line of jewels in ivory and straw marquetry

2010 First watch dial in straw marquetry

2007 First jewelry and fashion accessories in straw marquetry

Creations with 4 hands 

Sculptures, made with Aurèlien Boussin, stone sculptor - 2016

Board with Thomas Morin ironworker - 2016

Bustier with Alexandra Civit, seamstress, 2015, exhibited at Maison d’Exceptions

Pebble avec Jean-Louis Quignaux, marble-worker d’art - 2015

Fan with Martine Hacquart, fan-worker - 2014

Ivory jewelry with Benoît Migeon, sculptor on ivory - 2012

Straw Marquetry Embossing by Valérie Colas des Francs

gaufrage embossed marqueterie paille straw marquetry valerie colas des francs web

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